The PoC-BoSens project consists of the realization and validation of an optofluidic-based Point-of-Care (PoC) system for the analysis of protein-protein interactions.

About PoC-BoSens

There are multiple potential applications in diagnostics ranging from cytokine determination in cellular stimulation assays to the determination of antibodies relevant in infectious and autoimmune diseases. This novel analysis platform will contribute to the improvement of citizens’ health status and to the sustainability of healthcare systems, as well as stimulate the innovation and market-status of European small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The technology behind the PoC sensing platform will be defined by the combination of an array of photonic transducing elements based on novel three-dimensional bottle micro-resonators (BMRs) and a microfluidic system for transportation of test samples on the transducing elements.

Fast, portable and low-cost PoC testing

The BMR is a class of resonant structures with high sensitivity, a high grade of compactness, and multiplexing capabilities. The hybrid optofluidic cartridge will allow the development of sensitive (ng/ml down to pg/ml level), fast, portable and low-cost PoC testing which might easily be used by untrained personnel, and has the potential for implementation in field medical units, crisis centres and transit screening. Then the quantitative determination of released cytokine biomarkers by employing the PoC-BoSens analysis system will be faster (approx. 15 minutes), trustworthy and with the capacity of low fluid volumes consumption. Further applications could be the detection of antibodies relevant in celiac disease and other diseases where quick diagnostic and monitoring tests are essential. The main challenge here is the successful package and readout of optical resonators without altering their sensing properties. PoC-BoSens will overcome this challenge by exploring photonic platform technologies, assembly, biorecognition and electronic miniaturization strategies, which will be developed by a high-qualified multidisciplinary consortium.

This project belongs to the Photonics based Sensing call and funded by:

Period: 01/04/2018 - 31/03/2021

Acronym: PoC-BoSens